Maaya download full hindi web series hd:

Maaya download full hindi web series hd

Sonia may be a girl WHO is married to a flourishing nice guy everything looks to be nice except realization of the Sonia that she desires some banging in Sex and her husband is simply too nice to try to to that, the items amendment once Rahul comes into her life then comes drama adventure story and true love of her live. on behalf of me the story was partaking and moving Sonia is portrayed Hot and Sensual. Script is okay if not extraordinary this can be a daring step in Bharat to come back up with such script however within the finish i couldn’t sympathise with Sonia that she required banging for pleasure. people who don’t love BSDM and bruises on her back in one episode can ne’er grasp why masochists would like placing of their body to induce pleasure whereas people simply would like tender caresses. For knowing the psyche of these quite individuals do watch this drama.

season 1

Maaya.S01E01.480p.WEB.nSD.x264.mp4 – 100.3 MB
Maaya.S01E02.480p.WEB.nSD.x264.mkv – 100.6 MB
Maaya.S01E02.480p.WEB.nSD.x264.mp4 – 109.6 MB
Maaya.S01E03.480p.WEB.nSD.x264.mp4 – 103.8 MB
Maaya.S01E05.480p.WEB.nSD.x264.mkv – 98.8 MB
Maaya.S01E06.480p.WEB.nSD.x264mkv – 111.7 MB
Maaya.S01E07.480p.WEB.nSD.x264.mkv – 86.7 MB
Maaya.S01E08.480p.WEB.nSD.x264.mkv – 83.5 MB
Maaya.S01E09.480p.WEB.nSD.x264.mkv – 98.1 MB
Maaya.S01E10.480p.WEB.nSD.x264.mkv – 117.4 MB

season 2

Maaya.S02 all episodes.720p.bluray.x265.mkv.web-series

Maaya download full hindi web series hd
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